Tuesday, December 16, 2008


you know...
when you came in my life and even remembering me...
couldn't believe in my luck..
because i'm usually damn unfortunate..
seeing you..
meeting you again..
you'll have no idea..
what that means to me
how long, i've thought of u..
how much i was fond of you
and how much i you..
you never know..
i don't know if i really can do this..
it keeps coming back..
i fell as if this isn't real..
when i wake up
i was afraid this all might be a dream
i don't know if i'm supposed to be this happy..
me, the unfortunate brat like myself..
so i'm too afraid...

Friday, December 5, 2008

Penang,movies and nephews

wah..its been a long time i did not write for this blog..

felt like i deserted it..
but actually im collecting the story..
few weeks ago my frens and i went to telok duyung. Objective..erm..lepak only..hahaha...
early plan was tracking from telok bahang..but the laziness forced us to use the 2nd option..going in by boat..since the place cannot be reached by cars or other vehicles except an hour of tracking or by serviced boats,so the place is still 75% untouched.its just a perfect place to letting go all the burdens.
Recently, i had finished more than 20 a life inside the movies..its not a great thing to while on leave..but its seem helped me to fulfilled my time.
LAst night my sister arrived with her the house starting to change becoming nursery..ahaks..all things became louder than usual..laugh,cry,scream,conversation..but its good to have them parents is happy with their grand children present.this time, my nephews is not afraid of me like glad that my sister and her family is here.
thats all for now..thanks for reading..

Sunday, November 16, 2008

kereta ku!!

These few days, i was spending most of my time searching for the solution to deplete the laksa's odor inside my car. Several bottles of febreeze and thirsty hippo still failed to fulfill  my desire.

The laksa smell is still there. Days by day it became worst.
Today is sunday. I decided to remove all the back seats once again.This time i planned to clean it throughly, particularly in the small hiding areas.
 Once i opened the door, the smell strikes me.Damn the smell is too strong. After few minutes and all the doors were opened including the bonnet the smell is reduced. Then only, i started my operation. Operation "back seat" hahaha..  
After all the seats were out.Under the seats base and hiding areas was wiped clean.Only after tomorrow i'll box it back.
u guys,pray that my efforts will get good return. Hopefully.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Isolated. sad..but  that what i feel now. huh!!i never think that i will experience this kind of feeling since i am in my own country and my own state and i am used lepaking inside the house. Kinda funny too..heks..Isolated from the outside world.

For the past few days i don't felt it this much. Thanks to Umair helping me reduced it by  introduced me to some of his UITM's frens. Yesterday was the final day they stay at Perlis after completed their final exam. ( Good Luck guys!! even our time spending together was very² short (i know just few name of them),i'll never forget ur guy's kindness letted me entered the group. Will pray for ur all happiness ). 
Their departures remark no soccer, no lepak, no pak usu's ice tea. HAH!!  back to the life inside the house. At 1st, i don't really think about it because im used to it.but when the time goes by..hahaha! i couldn't  describe it in word..VEry lonely should be closed enough.. the only thing connecting me to the world is internet..haha!! 
After writing this i  don't know what i gonna do next. Television will be the main option. Hope some good movies will be aired tonight. I hope tomorrow, will be different. Or perhaps wish that i could manage to adjust myself back to my normal life heks..inside the house's life. If not, i need to find new things to fill my time. i prefer working..but where?what kind of job? i don't know..huh!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Have you ever asked yourself, how bold you are?Do you really have guts to tell the world what do you feel, what are u thinking.I don't think i have that criteria. If people say that attitude is cowardice, so i have to admit it, that i am coward. But if something related with work, i'd be happy to be the one to face my boss and telling them that they are wrong.

Honestly, when it come to my personal life, Me always hiding what i really am feeling. I let it be buried deeply in my heart even it hurt me and i still carving the smile on my face. For 1 reason, why I still act like this is because i'm afraid to lose more friends. Let we ask ourself. How many of them (friends) that really are interested or cared about our problem?Owh..!! Please stop!! U wouldn't know if u never experienced once. That when people (friends) turn their back from you. When it happen, Don't blame others, because that is the real world that we must face, and also don't blame the faith.
Why is this happen?How to solve this problem? erm..i don't have the solution and i don't know how it happen.It is just the reality of life.Everyone have their own intention. What u really need by the time like this is courage. Courage to continue living this life. Courage to stand your only ground. Courage to prove that you are right.When u have courage u are strong to go through in what ever situation. That's what i've learnt from my own experienced.
However, not all friends are useless. I'm thanking Allah, Alhamdulillah, because i have some friends that care bout me. Even their number is minority, but at least i have them.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

bad luck!!

hello again..

Today is just one of the bad day in my life..this morning i was given order to deliver the "laksa" to my mother's school. She was organizing the end of year "jamuan makan" for her class.On the way to the school after took the "laksa" from the shop, all the "kuah laksa" accidently spilled out from the container when i was approaching the hill just less than 2 minutes away from the school.Can u guys imagine how i felt? i was so angry,afraid and lost control. Laksa was there but no "kuah laksa"? How to eat it?What should i tell my mom?
erm.. i informed my mother once i arrived at her class. Her face changed immediately after i told her. After saw the container was empty her face turned worst. "What to do now?" said my mom. She definitely disappointed with what happened and out of idea. i've suggested that we both go back to the shop and ask to buy another container of "kuah laksa". Very lucky, the idea came spontaneously because we ordered the laksa from a person who happen to run a laksa shop. Only then, we prayed that the shop owner will agree to sell us the "kuah laksa" because she also running the laksa bussiness, which certainly she'll be using it for her today's business.
After arriving at the shop my mom approached the shop owner immediately and persuaded her. Luckily, my mom is her regular customer, so that, she managed to solve the problem. 1 problem solved next thing in mind was the car. u peeps out there sure can imagine how the condition of the back seat of my car. The kuah laksa is so much until required to take out all the seats to ensure it can be cleaned nicely. Till now, the car is still at the car wash.
Need time to clean it.
Today, is my bad day.. I still afraid to go out after got home. Afraid that other bad thing will happen. Even all the thing seem finished, but I'm worrying about the car. Hope there will not be any problem with the wiring/electric since water needed to spray inside the car. Otherwise, i need to spend more money. huh!!  Damn..

Friday, November 7, 2008


its been a while since the last or the 1st blog i ever wrote.. nuthing had really happened in the past few days.. hang out with some frens of mine (guys night out),watched new released bond's movie and just tonight celebrated my team (Liverpool) won over WBA by 2-0. Obviously, we can do better than that..we should have scored more than 3 goals..  Liverpool dominated the game after a slow start but then regain confidences and started to push forward. A bit disappointed with the benayoun's performanced.. as a winger he supposed to stay at his territory and feed the ball to the striker but he was acted as a 2nd striker.. that is just my opinion.. but then, Keane the scorer really did one hell of job.. he showed his quality as a top striker.. scored 2 goals..what can u ask more from the striker..i personally happy to welcome the El nino Torres back to the squad.. hope with he back to the team will strengthen the forward and score more goal. arghh overall i satisfied with the performance of the team.

that's all for now dude. got to go..see ya later